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Love At First Sight?

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Cuffing season is upon us - where the nights are now down to 46 degrees in Los Angeles. I've been contemplating if it's time to whip out the personal heater, but for now the thicker winter blanket should suffice.

For this blog I wanted to write about love at first sight and sexual attraction. There have been two times in my life now when I was utterly shaken up by just seeing someone. One time was at an event last year. He was really handsome, and I was curious about him. I asked my girlfriend, if I should go talk to him, she said yes. So I gathered all my courage to go mingle. Coincidentally enough, when I got up, he magically appeared in front of me and he introduced himself. I'm a really shy person when it comes to men, and have this terrible habit of downplaying myself - thinking, how can this attractive person like me back? Long story short, I copped out and turned my crush into a professional relationship so now we are just co-workers / friends. 

Fast forward to now, I met someone (I won't name where).. but these days I'm all about meeting people organically in normal and local places such as - church, grocery stores, gyms, post office, etc. I realized with experience that I'm not interested in meeting people through dating apps, bars, clubs, or parties.. Anyway, the moment I saw him, I had this need and desire to get to know him. His behavior and quirks were really cute, and he was very charming and polite towards me.. Then at one point, he handed me something (sorry to be so vague) and we made eye contact for the first time. I kid you not, my heart dropped and I was speechless. I honestly don't even remember if I said thank you. We both just stared into each others' eyes for a few seconds without saying anything. I told all my girlfriends about that moment, some agreed that the sexual attraction must have been mutual. Some girlfriends thought I was being crazy and over-dramatic/analytical.

The thing is, when you know, you know. You feel this magnetic pull towards someone, and that shit is chemistry; Things you can't even try to understand - with what is going on with the hormones and chemicals inside your body. You just feel it. Anyway, after each week passed, we both came to realize that in fact we are really attracted to each other. Lesson of this story is to not listen to your friends who WEREN'T THERE, but to really listen to your gut. I admit it is hard to listen to your gut, especially if you're modest or insecure.. thinking there's no way a hot guy can like you back. On the other side of the spectrum, it's also hard if you're the delusional type thinking every man is into you. But hey, it's balance. Try to be modest, but also trust your intuition. :) 

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