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Valentine's Day just around the corner. I think this day either makes most people sad and lonely that they don't have anyone to share the holiday with / or they become bitter or proud that they're fully "independent". I used to be the latter, always proud that I didn't have to rely on anyone. Ever since a child, I've had this tough personality that it was best to be alone... and persevere through life independently. Ha, I guess I learned by example from my hard-working single mom at the time.

Now that I'm older, I've realized even though I've technically been "independent" and "single", I didn't truly love myself entirely. I was constantly binge eating junk food and binge drinking with friends whenever I was emotionally down. When you love yourself - you don't fall for these short-term "feel good" traps. As cheesy as this sounds, if you truly love yourself, you treat your body like a temple, defeating inner demons, and thinking about the long term goal of keeping your body healthy, your mind/soul clean. The same goes for relationships - instead of falling for short term hook ups that make you feel good in the moment, focus on loving yourself. The good traits that you see in other people are also within yourself. As Diane Von Furstenburg said, "You know who's going to give you everything? Yourself."

We live in a world where everything is instantaneous, we want gratification immediately. However, the things we cannot achieve instantly are love, health, and a great career - because those things take time, patience, hard work, and consistency. 


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