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Personal Collection

Here is our Personal Collection Lookbook:

When I was brainstorming for what I wanted this collection to represent. I kept wondering how singers, actors, movies, or books got such a large fanatical following, when clothing brands didn't receive the same kind of reaction.

Our designs are sexy, and I want every customer to feel empowered and love their body when wearing our suits; however, I want you to feel something more than just "feeling good". I realized that as humans, we all love to relate to stories. We want to feel our emotions and connect directly similar to how we empathize to a song or a movie.

I chose specific emotions and feelings I wanted to talk about more in depth with personal anecdotes for each product description. I honestly think this collection is the most personal to me, because I took chances, stepped out of the status quo by taking out elastic in certain areas of the suit, and implemented new ideas that I've never done before for any other collection. 

2019 was also a very emotional year for me, where I realized what things no longer served me - I had to make tough decisions of letting bad, and tempting habits go. It was one of those years when life slaps you in the face with a reality check.. and you realize you're tired of your own shit and it's time to grow haha. I really hope this collection creates a spark in your heart, and a dialogue with yourself, questioning if you're truly happy with where you are at in your life. And if not, what needs to be let go, in order to pursue your full potential. 



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