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Moving to Australia

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I always get these interesting gut feelings about where I should be living.. Even before I decided to go to UC San Diego, I just knew I would love being in San Diego. Funny thing is, I never even visited the campus. My first time seeing UC San Diego was the day I moved in.

I first got the idea of Siempre Golden when I was attending UC San Diego. When I officially started putting work into Siempre, I was in San Clemente, Orange County. After about two years in San Clemente, I realized it was time to move Siempre to Los Angeles. I had a gut instinct that it was time to be in LA since all the influencers, models, photographers were all there which would help Siempre grow. Similarly to San Diego - I rarely visited or got to see LA. I just knew I had to be there. 

Recently I've felt that same urge for Sydney, Australia.. I always thought that was the perfect city for swimwear, fashion, and marketing. Just like UCSD and Los Angeles, I've never been to Australia, but my gut tells me I need to be there. As a result, we are moving to Sydney, Australia in February 2020!

Look forward to seeing more photos, lifestyle photoshoots, on the beautiful beaches of Bondi. I will miss the network of friends, models, influencers, we built here in LA. But we are ready to see Siempre on fresh faces of down under! Moving to another country let alone another continent is scary. It took me three years to get over my fear of the unknown to finally pull the trigger! Let us know if you have any questions. + Wish us luck xx. 


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