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Lust Top


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Caia is wearing a size small top and bottom.
Proper top size for Caia is a Large top.
Height 5'10" (177cm)
Bra size 32DDD and pants 
size 4

The lust top is a sexual and feminine bustier top, which cups your breasts. The straps are elegantly thin and adjustable, with a beautiful golden clasp for the back.

The two colors “Lust” comes in are Dusk (a dark blue Indigo) and Sky (a sky blue).


Lust is having a strong sexual desire for someone. You see this person for the first time, and instinctually you want them. We all have that raw animalistic characteristic within us – when people talk about “Love at first sight”, what they really mean is “LUST at first sight.” We can all relate to love songs because we like to reminisce about the times we felt lust, love, and heartbreak.

Everyone asks me why I’m so infatuated with you and the way your lips taste.. and I think it’s because when the poison from your tongue is dripping through my blood, and I can’t seem to breathe.. I feel more alive than ever. You may be tearing me apart, but you’re the only one keeping me whole.”

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love..”


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