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Blessed Set


$120.00 USD $150.00 USD

Save 20% by purchasing the set 
(both top and bottom) versus separates.

This “Blessed” top is completely adjustable and supportive by tying the front through the circle as tight as you want it; if you wish to wear this without the circle ring, you can take the ring out. This top has double-sided fabric, so it is thick and not see through.

The “Blessed” bottoms have one gold ring on the side, which make it unique and gives it an extra edge. The backside is a cheeky cut. 


Caia is wearing a size small top and bottom.
Height 5'10" (177cm)
Bra size 32DDD and pants 
size 4

Have you heard the expression that blessings bring on more blessings? By being positive, grateful, and celebrating what you already have, this energy attracts more positivity. Oprah is a testament to this belief, that by writing five things she was grateful for each day, she was more receptive to all the good things in her life, which then brought on more good things aka blessings. It’s the law of attraction, the more aware and grateful you are of the present moment and the blessings that you have, the spiritual dimension of your life opens up and expands.

When you wear this set, we want you to feel blessed for the body that you have, the beautiful imperfections and assets that make you, you. Blessed to have the confidence to wear this style, blessed for your fashion and taste. Blessed to have the funds to purchase this suit, blessed to have access to the Internet! You are a beautiful woman, and are blessed to have the special people in your life. Instead of tearing yourself down, compliment yourself. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

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