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Vulnerable Bottoms


$70.00 USD

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Caia is wearing a size small top and bottom.
Height 5'10" (177cm)
Bra size 32DDD and pants 
size 4

The “Vulnerable” bottoms backside is cheeky, so your booty is completely out and vulnerable for the world to see! We like those tan lines being minimal as possible. We took out the elastic that goes around the hips, so there will be no digging whatsoever.

The three colors “Vulnerable” comes in are Midnight (black), Blueberry (a light blue), and in Clay (a matte burnt red).


To be vulnerable requires a lot of confidence in who you are. The idea is contradictory, but it takes courage to be authentically and unapologetically you. In order to achieve vulnerability, it takes self-awareness to know whether or not you’re being honest with yourself and with others.

It took me 27 years to realize I was in denial about many things. I tried to escape MYSELF by seeking fun fleeting moments, traveling, or partaking in any adrenaline filled activity, but now I’m fully aware that, I did everything in my power to not be vulnerable with anyone.

Life is much easier when you stop acting or performing. So be brave, be courageous, and be vulnerable. Live with your heart on your sleeve; life is short, the future is uncertain. Do things that make you happy. Voice your opinions, be true to yourself, and always remember you are your #1. To be your own #1, you must always be honest and vulnerable and not act based on other people’s projections or expectations of you.

Vulnerability is terrifying. The courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting.. and yet rewarding experiences in life. It will set you free. Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness.”


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