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Cassandra Starr

Here’s Cassandra, our Brand Ambassador of the Month for October 2019

1. What is your favorite SG suit style and why?
My favorite is the Brentwood because it’s chic high waisted slimming and gives good bust support. 
2. How’d you find out about SG?
I saw Siempre Golden on a model on Instagram and not only thought the model was beautiful and the photo esthetic awesome, but wanted the suit!! I eventually ended up becoming friends with Sophia, the owner, and she is an awesome person who has a great sense of business and fashion!
3. Next tropical destination?
Not sure yet debating with friends between Cabo, Turks and Caicos, Greece, and Aruba ... lol help! 
4. What’s your zodiac sign and how do you relate to your sign?
I am a Gemini! 
5. What do you aspire to be?
I aspire to run my business and travel and do what I love which is act, model, produce, create and manifest projects. And eventually try to help with world peace and environmental factors and changing big business into green sustainable business. 

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