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Madison Burns

Here’s Maddie, our Brand Ambassador of the Month for August 2019

1. What is your favorite SG suit style and why?
My favorite Siempre style is the Aquarius Set, honestly if I could say the entire Zodiac Collection I would. I’m a sucker for gold detailing. I love how great the Aquarius is for tanning though and it looks AMAZING on every body shape/size. 
2. How’d you find out about SG?
It’s been so long I can’t believe I remember! I found Siempre through a fellow brand ambassador, I wish i knew who, but she was wearing the Classic One Piece in red. I remember seeing that suit and instantly loving it. 
3. Next tropical destination?
My next destination is a Caribbean cruise, my 9th and hopefully soon, I love waking up in a new place every morning. 
4. What’s your zodiac sign and how do you relate to your sign?
LEO BABY, and proud to be. Good and bad, I definitely relate to my sign. I’m 100% an attention loving queen. 
5. What do you aspire to be?
My dream would be to be a designer or stylist! I’ve always wanted to work in fashion ever since I as little. 

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