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Roxanna Fridman

Here’s Roxanna, our Brand Ambassador of the Month for February 2019

1. What is your favorite SG suit style and why?
My favorite bikini is the Century City Top and Bottom, it’s so unique and not like any other bathing suit I own. On top of that it compliments by body and curves like no other.
2. How’d you find out about SG?
I found out about SG through Instagram, I saw this girl wearing the DTLA Set and I had to find out where the bathing suit was from!
3. Next tropical destination?
Next tropical destination is the Bahamas.
4. What’s your zodiac sign and how do you relate to your sign?
I am a Scorpio, and I relate to my zodiac by being as candid as I can be, and embodying the sexual, strong, independent character the zodiac represents. 
5. What do you aspire to be?
I aspire to be a marine biologist (:

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