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Sheridan Dyches

Below are photos of our brand ambassador, Sheridan in the Tres Amigos Set and the Perla Set. Follow Sheridan for her photography - Instagram

What is your favorite beach? 
SD: My favorite beach is on the west side of Oahu called Makua. I love to swim, camp, play, and relax there. I also swam with wild dolphins there.

What do you love to do on your free time?
SD:  My favorite hobby is definitely photography. I love how it lets me be creative while meeting new people from all over.

What are your aspirations?
SD:  My dreams are to be able to travel while doing something creative. Even if I’m not a professional photographer, I would love to do that on the side. I also love fashion, so to do anything with my creative side - that would be the dream.

What is your favorite Siempre Golden suit?
SD: The Tres Amigos is my favorite because it is so unique. I don’t know any other companies that make a product like that.

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