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Skyler Deluise

Here’s Skyler, our Brand Ambassador of the Month for March 2019 

1. What is your favorite SG suit style and why?
I love them all, but I think my favorite is the Century City Set because it’s super sexy but I think it’s so sporty at the same time 
2. How’d you find out about SG?
I found out about Siempre Golden when I was scrolling through the popular page and that was a wrap ... I fell in loveee with the bikinis. NEXT LEVELLLLL.
3. Next tropical destination?
My next tropical destination will hopefully be Cuba, but my next destination this summer is Israel!!!!
4. What’s your zodiac sign and how do you relate to your sign?
Aquarius, I relate to my because we are hard to pin down. It’s like when you think you have us figured out, we do or say something to show you don’t know us at all. We are a mystery. We see the world differently. We are creative and we think outside the box. We find love through friendship and friendship through love. This is me point on. 
5. What do you aspire to be?
I aspire to have financial growth and to be one independent woman. I want to travel and touch people lives and always be a bad bitch. 


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