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Law of Attraction

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Do you ever get a text from someone you were just thinking about? Or do you ever run into that person you were thinking about at the mall or at a restaurant? I don't believe in mere coincidences. I believe that this is all synchronicity and the law of attraction.

The universe feels what you feel, the vibrations you are giving off, and the words that are coming out of your mouth. I recently learned, that the universe can't tell the difference of what you want vs don't want, it just knows the SUBJECT that you're talking about. So for instance, let's say you keep complaining to your friends about these string of guys (same type of loser) that you keep dating? The universe will keep supplying that same type of person because those are the vibes you are giving off and the words you keep telling your friends. It doesn't matter that it's something you DON'T want, you need to rephrase and change the feeling that you have within.

Instead of talking about the negative qualities of a guy or a friend, or anybody in your life have, talk about the positive things. Envision how it feels to be with someone that has those qualities that you love, admire, and want in a friend or lover. This also applies for everything, for example, instead of complaining about not having the right job, or not having enough money, write a list of things you're grateful for. Envision and imagine how it feels when you do have that perfect job. When you feel that gratefulness and appreciation, the universe will provide you with better opportunities. 


On another tangent, I also realized, that just because you overcome something one day, doesn't mean it's fully conquered. We need to make decisions every single day; There are temptations every day. And, yes we are human, we will make mistakes..but if you truly want to level up, you need to be done with the bullshit of the past, and start creating new habits and patterns. But when you do make a mistake, don't be so hard on yourself. Brush it off, and continue forward because that's the beauty of life, isn't it? You're never stuck somewhere, you can move forward, and achieve what you set your mind to. 


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